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The Porsche 911 2.7RS really is the car most other sports cars tried to live up to for many years. Fast, incredible handling (in the dry!) and beautiful. Now seen as an iconic model in the Porsche catalogue of greats and extremely collectable.

This work aims to capture the beauty of the original pre-impact bumper 911 2.7RS including the highly distinctive Carrera logo and the iconic "ducktail" spoiler which was used to reduce rear-end lift. 

Original car colours varied in period, however this sculpture shown is painted in the original matching Tangerine orange paintwork and black Carrera script. Commissions can be painted in any chosen customer colour.

Total commissions: 25

Sculpture statistics:

Weight = 2.75kgs or 6.06 lbs (with acrylic frame)
Length = 47.0" or 1.19m
Width  = 19.0" or 0.48m
Height = 12.25" or 0.31m

Scale  = 1:3.5

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