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The iconic Ferrari 250 GTO is captured in wire, like the orignal buck the artisan craftsmen used in period to shape the body, and where the inspiration for my wire art originated from during a visit to Maranello in Italy, many years ago.

This work aims to capture the beauty of the original Series 1 Sergio Scaglietti body, including the highly distictive triple vents to the nose and the duel vents to the side.

Original car colours varied in period, however this sculpture is painted in the original matching paintwork of Rosso Chiaro, although commissions can be painted in any chosen customer colour.

Total commissions: 25

Sculpture statistics:
Weight = 2.6kgs or 5.73 lbs
Length = 47.0" or 1.19m
Width  = 18.5" or 0.47m
Height = 11.42" or 0.29m

Scale  = 1:3.7

20230629_155406 edit.jpg
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